Are you wanting to volunteer with Oregon Trail Elementary?  We want you to volunteer too!  However, we do need to cover a few housekeeping items to make sure the School District sees you as a true volunteer.


First, visit the North Clackamas School District Volunteer Application Form and fill out the form online.

Second, watch the North Clackamas School online volunteer training video.   


Third, take note of the following Oregon Trail Elementary Specific items:



  • When you arrive:

    • Put your phone into Silent Mode - a ringing or buzzing phone is very distracting.

    • Sign into the computer (or sign in on paper if the computer is unavailable)

    • Wear your name badge at all times - this is for the protection of children

  • When working at the school:

    • Be sure to protect confidential information. Do not share or talk about student information, grades, or levels of accomplishments.

    • If you're unsure of something - ask questions. There are many resources available to you at all times. Staff members, IA's, or PTO officers (generally in purple or teal shirts) are available resources.

    • If you're going to be absent and won't be able to volunteer, please contact the main office at 503-353-5540.

    • Don't walk through the library during school hours, please walk around in the main corridors.

    • When walking in the hallways, please be quite and keep talking to a minimum to avoid classroom and/or student disruptions.

    • To the best of your ability, please don't interrupt classes. If you need to speak with a teacher, please enter the classroom and wait patiently by the door until they acknowledge you.

    • In an event of a fire drill, do not look for your child - they are safe with the staff. Please find the nearest exit.

  • When working with students:

    • Please contact a staff member if you feel a student needs disciplinary action. It is not the volunteer's responsibility to intervene, it is the responsibility of the staff.

    • Be sure to always work in areas that are in the open with doors open. You should never be in a space one on one with a student with closed doors.

    • Only use the staff restrooms which are located across from the 1st grade fort. You should NEVER enter the other restrooms. If you feel a student needs attention in the restroom, please contact a member of the staff.

    • Keep personal possessions out of the student's reach, and if available, do not bring them into the school with you.

    • All classrooms have first aid kits. If you are unsure of where it's located, please ask a staff member.

  • When leaving the school:

    • Please take off your name badge and file it away (alphabetically)

    • Sign out of the computer (or sign out on paper if the computer is unavailable)


Fourth and finally, fill out the electronic form acknowledging that you have completed the online volunteer training.  


Name *
I acknowledge that I watched the North Clackamas School Online Training Video *
I acknowledge that when I arrive I will silence my phone, sign-in, and will wear my name badge at all times. *
I acknowledge that when I’m working at the school, I need to keep all student information confidential. I will ask questions when I don’t know the answer. I will contact the school if I will be absent and won’t be able to meet my volunteer responsibilities. I will walk quietly in the hallways, using main corridors, and not crossing through the library, and won’t interrupt classroom time. *
I acknowledge that I will not discipline a student. I will always work in open areas with students and will never be with them one on one in a closed area. I will not enter the student restrooms for any reason. I will also keep personal possessions out of student reach or will not bring them into the building with me. *
I acknowledge that when I’m leaving the building, I will leave my badge and sign out. *